Per H. Wibe

Since 1976 pursuing spiritual efforts, Per started to give Kriya Yoga initiations in 1997. From his first day of teaching he said: “Be deeply inside. What you experience is because of Life, it is not my power”. He is connected to Mahavatar Babaji tradition through his Kriya Yoga teacher Swami Shankarananda Giri.

He has lived an ordinary life with family and business activities. At the same time he has devoted most of his leisure time for forty years to meditation, spiritual studies and teaching. Personal experiences, a result of spiritual efforts for many years, inspire him to say: “I am not there, only an unlimited space and the experience”. Per is teaching Kriya Yoga in a practical and simple way, taking his students to the essence: to a level of non-duality, to an inner experience of Silence.

He has been teaching Kriya Yoga in many parts of the world for more than twenty years and all over India for the last ten years.

My way has been long. That does not mean it has to be like that for you. With great love for Truth in your heart, you can hopefully achieve your aim in a quick way.

Below are some notes written by Per about his spiritual efforts.

A brief version – Notes through the years 1975 – 1995

In these notes I am not touching outer experiences in life, because I consider them to be a response to the spiritual needs to grow. Anyway, my outer life, as for many others, is with upsides and downsides. As a young boy my interest for spiritually was very awake. Due to different circumstances, as founding a family, getting a proper education and a job, my spiritual desire faded for some years. I am sharing my experiences with a hope to help anyone with a strong desire for spirituality. It is true that we are divine, but we have to realize it properly from inside as our own reality, as our own pure experience of Life. It is good to have in mind that idea, that to realize the Self seems to be the highest purpose in life. We all have to go on for whatever time it takes. Take care of your desire as you would take care of a precious seed that you plant in the ground. Water it and protect it, do not disturb it, let it grow in peace.

My way has been long. It does not mean it has to be like that, for you as well. With great love for Truth in the heart, you can achieve your aim in a quicker way.

It might be possible that you find these notes boring, because it is all about practice and continuous effort. On the other side, if the desire for Truth is sincere and strong, and daily practicing is persistent, then I am sure these notes would be helpful for you.


My interest for spirituality awakens again.


Meditation starts. Studying the Bhagavad-Gita. At that time specially inspired by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda and J.Krishnamurti.

1976 - 1980

Increasing practise of meditation. Longer and deeper. Meditation with mantras and Patanjalis sutras (siddhis) – techniques for levitation. Jumping but not levitating. Realizing subtle connections in Life. Starting to go deeper into myself. Do not feeling proper to share what is going on inside me. Need to hide it. I am often going into deeper and longer meditations, one or two weeks long. When going for walks I am using the opportunity to meditate. This becomes a habit. I am using every possibility to meditate. I study spiritual
texts and scriptures like Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.

Reincarnation, what is that? I discover something about this, which is not corresponding with the traditional concept. Life is so great, that no one really knows. My understanding was unclear, but I definitely felt something in the right direction about this. Deeper understandings arose in meditation about the universe. I experienced connections between the soul and the material manifestations, which I never have read any places or heard about before.

1980 - 1983

The desire for Truth increases. A subtle feeling that I am going to teach others in future arises. Meditations are deep, and I communicate consciously with God. I stay in one place for meditation for five months. Asking myself, what is the real meditation? A deep realization is taking place. Suddenly I discover that the silence seems to be gone. Asking myself – where is the Silence? Intense and long practice every day goes on. No questions to others. Others do not understand my thinking. I have to trust myself – to find out from inside. I feel it is important not to talk too much, less words is better. Action – to be with the Silence, the Self – is real. It all goes on. Gradually it is no-duality inside. Just to go on – is my way of thinking. It is all about to be with God, to realize our divinity. Sincerity is the way to God. Be inside with the Self, with Him. One hundred percent is necessary.

1983 - 1989

Meditations are going on with undiminished strength. Intense and long practice every day. The desire to teach is profound now. Many thoughts about this arise. I am taking strange decisions for those around me. Spiritual desire becomes deeply rooted in me. It goes hand in hand with daily life. The question – what real meditation is, is following me, like my breath. I am writing small poems. My way is special. I know what is going to happen. Inside there is no doubt. The Guru is there. I know how to teach, but it is too early. It is all so beautiful. Life is impossible to understand. I am with God. God, God, God is in my mind, nearly all the time. It is vibrating in whatever I do, in meditation, when working, when walking. The longing is going on in the same way, either in activity or in meditation – it is all meditation, communicating with God, with the Self.


Starting to practise Hong Sau and OM technique. Practising several hours every day; early in the morning, in the midday, in the afternoon and in the night. Whenever possible I meditated for a little while. My understanding of real meditation becomes clear, growing from inside. I enjoy the experience of the OM sound, and something close to the third eye, with beautiful colors and a penetrating silence. It happens nearly every morning in the meditation, and I look forward to experience it again. I ask myself if I am dependant on the experience. The reply is yes. I removed it, and again put all my energy for the highest, to be with the Self. Once, about that time, after a long day of meditation, I awakened during the night and became aware of being present in an infinite space without limitations. It was like an ocean of Silence, so beautiful, so strong – it completely penetrated me. “I was not there; only the space and experience existed”. It lasted for about one hour. I bowed to the Lord, giving thanks for this blessing.

1991 - 1992

Meditations are really deepening now. I am knocking at the door with an increased love – “God who creates everything, who knows everything and is capable of everything, teach me to love you more than anything else” – this is my personal prayer rolling in my mind all the time. Meditations and my yearning for God was going on. I was deeply lost and in the coming time, my efforts increased even more. I was in love with it. It is not possible to forget this. My experiences, my desire inspired me to go on, because I knew the infinite depth manifested in a single compact moment. It was a breakthrough – the result of long time of practice and love. The veil is removed. My desire to teach is increasing, but how to start and when? Nothing results in an answer.

1992 - 1995

My yearnings are now so strong that sometimes I began to weep silently for no external reason. I wept not because I was sad in the usual terms of the word, but because I had an overwhelming experience of divine love. No one knew all my inner efforts and experiences. I felt that it was impossible to tell anyone. Meditation goes on whenever I find time in the middle of a normal life. Meditation with mantra and Hong Sau hand in hand. Desire for Truth is the most important.

Through the practice everything is improved; the present, the past and the future. All connected in the level of no-duality, in the Being. I feel that I am in service for Him.