Inner Steadiness and Yearning

Inner steadiness and yearning, a constantly burning candle; no one can give us this but ourselves. It grows from within as a response to our love and hunger for truth. When realized, no one can steal it from us. It is our nature and “property”, we are “the owner”. As alertness, consciousness and understanding lead to more of the same, it will be given to us in abundance as a consequence of the fact that we are one with Life.

Everybody is blessed by Life because Existence itself is a blessing. The human aim is to realize this fundamental reality that it is the Truth. This is not a dogmatic statement but the opposite: it is a fact, it is not a theory. We are created and existing in Life, we are all one with it in the same way.

Every soul is a spark or reflection of the Infinite, of Life. Man is made in the image of Life. Life is God, it is everything. In experiencing unity we acknowledge that the Creator is always present in us and in our lives.

When established inside us, we discover that Truth also exists outside us. This insight shows the substance of Life; men are children of the living Father. Without this experience and insight, we live in poverty.

Every moment is Divine; all steps in Life are in tune with the Self. A growing flower is always perfect, even before it blossoms. It flowers as a result of growth, from every step and every change along the way. This is so with all creation, including men. The potential of men is to fully live this reality.