Kabir Verses – Part 4


kabir satguru mara baan, nirakhi nirakhi nij thaor

ram akhilme rama raha, chet nahi aowe aur

Kabir says that Satguru is aiming the arrows continuously on him. When he sees that the Self is delighting in the Self, he is immersed in it and his mind becomes empty.

Per: The intensity is now growing. One taste the highest and yearns for even more. It is like being in love with another person with every fibre of the soul. One’s interests and thoughts are about the beloved one. One embraces God, and out of nothing the concept of duality is gone.


kabir ek namke pattare, devekon kuch nahi

kyale guruhi sambodhiye, havas rahe man mahi

Kabir says that beyond the true name, there is nothing to attain. Then, even the wish to address the Guru remains in the mind only.

Per: When settled in an inner state of non-duality, then even the Silence seems to be gone, not even the beauty of Unity seems to be left. There is neither Guru nor mind, therefore “even the wish to address the Guru is in the mind only”. In other words, I would say, that only a natural life is left, a sweet and peaceful feeling that everything is fine.


kabir satguru shabda jahaj hay, koi koi paoe bhed

samudra bund ekai bhaya, kako karo nikhed

Kabir says that Satguru is the ship of Sound and it is very difficult to get hold to the truth. When the drop and the ocean have merged with each other, then who can stop him?

Per: Beautiful! Satguru is the ship of the Omkar Sound – shipped in the breath, taking prana to the body in a love for Truth conveyor. The reality is realised, the ocean and the drop are one. One is Life and no one can restrict life. Everybody is destined to realize Unity.


kabir raam hamare ashram, raam hamare varan

raam hamare jaati hay, rahihi raam ke sharan

Kabir says that Ram is his shelter and Ram is his caste. Ram is his race and he is surrendered to Ram forever.

Per: One can drink 2 litres of water, 10 litres of water but one cannot drink the whole sea. One cannot know His infinite knowledge. What really counts, is the efforts performed with an inner attitude. One cannot really know, still keeps swimming, if life chooses it. He decides whom to pick up from the middle of the ocean. I cannot do it but for sure, He can. I trust Him, I am sure He guides and leads me. He completes His journey. I surrender to Him my actions, thoughts, weaknesses, strengths, successes and failures. What truly counts from my side is to love Him, my intentions and my efforts to do so.