Kabir Verses – Part 3


Kabir sumiran sama kuch hay nahi, yog yagya brat daan

sumiran sam teerath nahi, sumiran sama nahi gyan

Kabir says that nothing can compare to remembrance – not even yoga, rituals, vows or charity. There is no pilgrimage comparable to remembrance and no knowledge like it.

Per: All kinds of efforts; yoga, charity, vows, pilgrimages, knowledge; are all good if performed with awareness. When not settled in awareness, then one is fluctuating. Sometimes one is eager to help others, to do social work etc., but soon one realizes that this does not satisfy the soul either. Until one realises the unity with self, the loss is inevitable. Before one truly can help others, one has to help oneself, which is the greatest task in itself.


Kabir meri sumiranee raamki, rasana upar raam

aadi yugadhi bakthi je, sabko nij bishram

Kabir says that his remembrance of the Lord is greater than all the sensible pleasures. It is He (Lord) who is the beginning of the yugas and the source of devotion; and it is in Him everybody finally rests.

Per: The experience of the Infinite is even beyond the gods – all the gods and sages have to practice remembrance to be conscious about “absolute” truth (their real nature, which is beyond everything). The only resting place for the soul is inside. One meditates on the supreme (which has no name and form). One realises, how trinity comes into existence and diversity takes place. Nothing in life can compare to such inner state.


kabir satguru mara gyan kari, shabda surange baan

mera maya phiri jiue, to haath na gahi kaman

Kabir says that with his perfect knowledge, Satguru has been engraved, established so strongly inside now, that if the illusion is born again, then one knows how to deal with it and to control it again.

Per: After practising Kriya for a long time, Silence is strongly held up inside. Now, one knows what prevents us from living in harmony with Silence. It may take long time of constant practice to realize. As a result, one experiences that “duality turns into favour, rather than working in opposition”. One lives in harmony with duality.


kabir bahar knaha dekh laaiye, antar kahiye raam

kaho mahaula khalak so, para dhaneese kaam

Kabir says that where you can look outside for Ram, look within yourself. Why to announce the town? Here we are talking about contemplation of supreme.

Per: There is no need to show the love and devotion for God to the outer world. This is a kind of a play for “public”. Happiness takes birth and grows within, and reflected in our daily life.


Kabir pura sahaje gun kare, gune naoyaye cheha

sayer pokhe sarobare, dan na mage meha

Kabir says that practising the whole is infinite and beneficial, just like clouds take water from the ocean, and they do not beg it from lakes and ponds.

Per: Meditate on the Supreme, who is inside everyone. Just like clouds take water directly from one ultimate source-the ocean.


kabir raam naam nahi chorie, yeh parteeta dir bandhi

kaal kalp vyape nahi, bhori naam ki sadhi

Kabir says not to let go of the name ever, otherwise there is no escape from the clutches of “time/death”. Holding on to the rope of the name, one can easily pass over.

Per: The death will be graceful if one manages to live gracefully. Kriya means an inner condition of natural focus. One acts in certainty. One reaches a point after lot of efforts, where “He” takes the driver seat, the protector raises, one up from deep dark pits each time, so that one can come out of vicious cycle of action and reaction.