August 14 – 18

Practical Information


August 14 – 18


4837 Membach, Belgium

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Price – 250 €

It is a non-residential program. Vegetarian Breakfast and Lunch provided. No dinner.

Program starts at 08:30 and ends at 19:00 everyday.

If you don´t have Initiation in Kriya Yoga by now, you can attend the Initiation on the 14. August during the morning meditation.

For that occasion we ask you to bring with you:

-5 different flowers, of which one should be a rose (to represent the 5 senses)
-5 different fruits (that represents the results of the 5 senses)
-and the donation amount of 40 Euro (which represents the material-physical world).

In between the meditations and free time we advice you to stay in silence as much as possible to provide yourself a more deep experience of inner silence.

Registration and for more information:

In order to guarantee the reservation we ask you to transfer 50 Euro (not refundable if canceled) to the following bank account:  BE 69 7350 3889 6378  under your “Name and Kriya Yoga”.

~ A moment’s good company will enable human being to cross the Worldly Ocean ~

Welcome to the Retreat – Per Wibe