July 17 – 20

Practical Information


July 17 – 20


Girona, Spain


There will be a structured program, with long meditations every day and an experience of Silence.
Deep mediations in a retreat are a great inspiration for our daily practice.

The main focus is silence, rest and meditation.

Initiations in Kriya Yoga will be given to those people who are not already initiated, the morning of the 18th.

People who are taking the initiation will have to bring:

– 5 flowers (one of them, at least, must be a rose) that symbolise the 5 senses.
– 5 pieces of fruitthat symbolise the result of the 5 senses.
– Donation of 100€ as a symbol of the physical element.


– 380€/person,twin room (Doesn’t include initiation fee)

– 440€ single room(Doesn’t include initiation fee)

Payment at arrival time




Felisa Perez:

Limit date : July 5th

~ A moment’s good company will enable human being to cross the Worldly Ocean ~

Welcome to the Retreat – Per Wibe