What is Life?

True spirituality is to realize that we are united with Him, to be friend with him, God or Life – whatever we call it. The realization is not found in big words or in the scriptures but in an inner actual experience. A good and stable practice along with activities of practical life is very helpful. In this context, here are some short practical words that Master Per H. Wibe often says to his students during the course of their meditation retreats.


“My technique? I practice life.”

In the end, it’s not about the amount of techniques.
It’s about a strong desire for Truth, our earnestness.

Live life with a strong desire to live in harmony with silence, with life.
Let life make more decisions.

You can practice everywhere. Practice at work, in sports, washing the dishes.
It’s very simple.

No one is above, no one is below. No one is greater than anybody else. We are all equals before life.
We are all in the same boat, sailing an infinite ocean of silence. We have to remember what really floats our boat.

It’s about developing the ability not to disturb Him. He is the great captain, working through all of us. It is him who is steering the wheel and floating our boat.
If we are in a aeroplane, would we go into the cockpit and disturb the pilot?

Life is always behind each one of us.
Even if we loose trust at times, life is always there to provide.

It’s not possible to find it outside.
The real life is inside.

We all have to go on for however long it takes.

The word God is misused and misunderstood. May be “Life“ is a better word. Then it is something concrete and real for everybody and not just about a belief system.

When you are certain, then you are there. Certainty is the Self, God. Doubt is duality.

Take short breaks during your daily life. Remember yourself. Observe. Do so every hour.
Then you are gradually building inner Silence, awareness.

There is no need to seek miracles. Life itself is an infinite miracle.