Beauty Planted in the Soil


A verse taken from the book “Yearning of the Soul” written by Per H Wibe. The book contains many small texts and verses that he wrote during the years of his spiritual efforts. The texts and verses are the very essence of what can be called as “spiritual teachings” for life.


The wild flowers retain their gentleness as messengers from Our Lord.
They appear, smiling, from the earth, untouched by human hand.

The coltsfoot, blue anemone and wood anemone are
planted with love and colored with harmony.
In winter they sleep deeply and dream of spring,
they look forward to spreading joy over the earth.
It is a quiet carpet of blue anemones, a theater of beauty.

The mystery is consummate,
since innermost in the seed is a void that holds what?
Maybe a love that longs to display itself?

The loneliness of winter deep down in the
earth, that is the dignity of wild flowers.
They are gifts from infinity, composed and dressed in radiant colours.

The flowers whisper “Look at me. Study me carefully.
We can tell you what you need to know.”
They come again year after year.

Does Our Lord renew them?
They are already renewed once and for all!
Renewal is in the human mind, in the ability to see, to hear.

There they stand, cheerful and glad.
The coltsfoot spread wide,
the blue anemone in modest numbers but in clusters,
while the wood anemones run wild.

The blue anemone is the flower of heaven,
the symbol of inner knowledge, of the legendary inner eye.

The wood anemone, with its touch of pink, bears witness to purity.

The coltsfoot is the friend of freedom.