Kabir Verses Part 1


Kabir Budethe fir ubre, guru ki lahri chamki

bera dekha jhanjera, utarike bhaye farki

Kabir says that just when he was about to drown, he was rescued. He saw/received a wave/impulse from the Guru. The light of wave/impulse revealed that his boat was actually full of holes like a stainer. He left that boat and now stays away from it.

Per: One is struggling in confusion, seeing no solution and asking “why am I living and what is my role in life“? – Kriya makes one rise up again and live ones daily life with a different attitude. There is no need to leave anything, because what one searches and needs to grow is already present in daily life. Activity and meditation together is the greatest path. One should take care of the Guru (Silence) otherwise one will soon become restless again. Now one puts love and energy into practice to live in harmony with Life – he has seen the Light by himself.


Kabir guruko lal gadavon kare, matina pakdai het

ek khont laga rahe, vao lagi lahe na bhed

Kabir says that if there was no reason for him to continue maintaining his body, the guru would have made a gem out of this. One should keep holding till the oneness is not realised.

Per: This earth-body makes it possible to ask and to search for the Self. The soul descended on the earth to be more conscious about one-self. It is like a diamond from a mine – to make it better and more useable for different purposes, it needs to be cut and polished. This is the same logic for the soul connection to the physical element. What is “polished” is the souls relationship to the body and the desires of the body, its attachment to the physical element. One has to have an eye for what seems to be the aim of Existence itself, to see the connection.

1. In the Spirit without any consciousness of oneself (individual self).
2. One (soul) leaves the Spirit for the purpose of Existence (if not it all would have only been Emptiness, Void)
3. One starts the physical life and realizes that the aim of the soul (what seems to be individual life) is to be more conscious about one self.
4. Consciousness is developed up to that point where one realizes that one is a united part of life (one with Life, one with Spirit).
5. One rests in the ocean (the Spirit) or goes back to active existence to utilize ones knowledge for the purpose of helping others. Anyway, these points are limited words, not truly capable of describing the inner understanding and experience.


kabir jhunte guru ki pacchuko, tajat na kije baar

doar na paoe shabdaka, bharme bhao jaldhar

Kabir says that one should not hesitate even for a moment to stop following a false guru. If one does not leave him, he does not find the door to the Sound and drowns in this ocean of samsara.

Per: There are different voices inside and it makes it difficult to identify the true voice of the soul. Life is teaching us not to follow the false guru (duality inside). In duality one is fighting inside. One might reach a conclusion after much analysis, which soon becomes doubtful again. It is a conflict – to which voice shall one listen? The best is to be silent inside, “there it is no doubt”. Then one is guided by the Self, a tender certain voice which one can follow confidently. What is there does not need to be justified, there is no brain analysing, such actions do not seem to be logical but still inner certainty is there for no reason – it is an inner condition without any painful inner discussion.