Meditation and Inner Stability


In the creation everything is always changing. Some time-cycles are short while others are long, but they are all governed by the same principle. Everything follows the law of eternal change: things are brought into the material life, exist for a while and then decay. As per the Indian scriptures they are called the three gunas. In deep meditation we realize that these forces are one. They together are the Creator – One in Three, Three in One. Without the changes there would have been no life, no creation, a total lack of physical life.

A stable and good life in a changing and troublesome world is anchored in a stable condition within. This insight tells us that Life knows best: it is better for us to receive in a constructive way whatever comes of incidents that we cannot influence. What we can influence is our inner condition, our understanding and our attitudes. This is the great possibility in life.

When something goes wrong, or when bad things happen, we often put the blame outside ourselves. But to ascribe guilt to other people, or to the surroundings, hampers progress. Resistance and problems are elements in life. The wind meets resistance in one form or the other to create sound and movement. One violin is not enough to create the beauty and harmony of an orchestra; a whole ensemble of instruments is needed. It is the interaction between human beings that creates and influences our lives. One brain cell cannot accomplish anything on its own. It is the interplay between a multitude of brain cells that creates mental and physical activity.

At the same time it is undoubtedly true that external incidents can give rise to a feeling of discomfort. Difficult experiences help us to discover inner discomfort and disharmony. All events in life are deeply united. Lack of insight into this aspect produces unbalanced reactions when something unexpected happens, or when desires are unfulfilled.

All parts of our life are improved through meditation. To put it somewhat schematically, we can say that there are three aspects of meditation. One is the experience of Silence, of the level of no duality, of the Self. The second is that through more inner Silence we increase our capacity to observe and discover thought patterns and reactions that prevent us from staying with the Self. The third aspect is that we learn from within about the connections in life: that life is based on a magnetic principle that automatically attracts whatever is needed to make us aware of our inner condition. Through inner understanding we realize that whatever we receive or experience comes directly from Life itself, without exception.