My understanding of Christ Parables Part 1

Questions about where we come from, whom we are and where we are going, is the substance in our search for Truth as we attempt to understand the connections and mysteries of life. Individuals with experiences and insight in the changing nature of life and its mechanisms begin their search by looking inward to the nature of consciousness. This is how meditation arose: Can we find something stable and lasting inside us, something other than what we can see with our physical eyes or experience with our senses? Such were the questions of the prophets and the yogis.

It is not to be possible to pass the experiences of the Infinite, which is fundamental through words alone. In addition the words of the prophets seems to be misunderstood with the passage of time, the distance between the original words and their true meaning seems to be lost.

History and present day events show that misinterpretation often lead to conflicts and wars in the religious sphere. The true message of the prophets are to share the experience that the Infinite power of Life is similar for everybody. Every soul has the opportunity to experience this reality in oneself.

The prophets are glorified and said to be unlike others. This is how we are confused. The spiritual books and the prophets are a great inspiration up to a certain point while salvation is obtainable through our own inner experience.

We all are God’s children from birth but it is not helpful to hear this if we do not experience it as an inner reality. Self-realization happens through the personal experience that “the Father and the Son are one”. Without own experience the knowledge remains only intellectual. To hear about strawberries is not the same as tasting them. Silence inside through meditation, happens through earnest efforts to realize Truth.

What does the word, God mean? This word has created many misunderstandings and unnecessary disagreements among people. Perhaps the word Life is better, a word that could convey the truly religious meaning. Then it would not be about to belief or not because Life is a concrete reality.

Since I choose to make use of religious texts as an aid to communicate my own experience and understanding, it is just as well that I clarify my own relationship to the word: God. I was insatiably interested in the existential questions in young age. I examined Christianity into which I was born. I wanted to be a good Christian who believed in Christianity central tenet: belief in Jesus Christ but I was not able to confess such a faith because I doubted. My religious longing was not satisfied and it took many years before it resurfaced. Then I understood my childhood doubt and its legitimacy and started seriously to search inwardly to satisfy the yearning of the soul.

Now after many years I found that the need of harmony is a part of the consciousness. Everyone recognises this when experiencing difficulties, conflict and restlessness – as true Life takes place inwardly. When one is quiet inside one handles better what happens in a good way.