Silence is planted


Silence is planted in our hearts like the seeds of the wild flowers are planted in the soil. Silence and activity are two sides of the same issue. A stable and peaceful mind is blessed with new thoughts that support development. Silence gives rise to variety in life, integrated into and at the same time beyond time and space. The experience of Silence burns duality and crystallises the Moment as the eternal power it is.

There exist levels of Silence, which we can experience in deep meditation. The mind encounters the source of creation where love, infinity, stability and creativity rule. “When the mind is bright, then the whole world is bright. When the mind is dark, then the whole world is dark.” Human life is first of all an inner journey.

When Silence penetrates the consciousness, we experience who we are and are guided by the true Master, the Self.

Faith includes doubt. That is, faith must be founded on certainty, in an inner state of non-duality. Nothing seems to be impossible for Life. The manifested process of the creation proves Life ́s inconceivable intelligence and creativity.

We might find inspiration about the highest in the scriptures. The Bible says that the kingdom is inside us. That tells us where the state of harmony exists. The Bible also says that “The Father and the Son are One”, a state that implies unification in the consciousness.

The experience of the inner kingdom gives certainty and peace of mind. We cannot quench our thirst by a description of water or by the word “water”. We have to drink ourselves. Words may inspire us, but words are not enough. The experience of “the kingdom inside us” is the real meditation.