Truth Calls


I stand on a cliff looking out to sea.
The waves call to me, begging me to come.
I hear nothing but the gulls, and I remain standing there.

When I was growing up, nobody said anything about it.
My tears flow. Does it help?
Longing is an exalted loss, a declaration of love to the infinite.
It touches our hearts with its nakedness.

Where can we find it?

Now and then the moment gives the answer, like a still and almost imperceptible voice.

Longings are created by conflicts,
while longing builds bridges of opposites.
It is the duality of paradox.
We cast off. The sea and its waves wait for us.
We surf on them, stroke them, they are the Creator’s Scrolls.
It is Life.

The desire for freedom binds us. Energy is locked.
Is it better to let go of the helm? Leave things to Life itself,
where the overall perspective lies.

We are imprisoned by our desires to achieve
something limited- in the present and the future.
Why do we hold on to the old when the new will win anyway?

Better to work with life than against it.

Why are we fearful?
Why do we allow noise when silence is always the winner?

There is love in movements, in changes, in discomfort, in disorder.
Truth is noble dreams manifested in the paradise of silence.